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Outro Lyrics

DJ Saint, Gread & Nerdy C

(DJ Saint)
Yea it's the end of the mixtape, but it's the beginning of DieVerse
(Verse 1)
It's been a good 5 months and not a day passes by//where I don't think about my future or where I'm gon' lie//gon' make it ti the top if not than how high//even if I don't become a star, I'ma still touch the sky//emotions and thoughts about battles that we fought//all caught up in the drama but lessons that were taught//the sun would shine, but life gets cold//now the day's a good starting to unfold//can't complain cuz the stress, cuz we're oh so blessed//we're here for a reason of course none the less//was a pleasure having y'all, opening your ears//who would've known we had it in us, all these years//keep your eyes open cuz I can guarantee//more from Nerd, Gread, and S-A-I-N-T//so with these words of wisdom, I gotta be out yo//it's DieVerse and we killing 'em, even on the outro/
It's the last song, lemme show my love man. Let's go.
(Verse 2)
It's da outro, so I'ma b out slo// check wut's come outta my mouth bro// jus finished da mixtape, dat shit's great// but I'ma still on dat hungry tip, gotta git da next plate//they'd undaestimate every breath I take// made a cd for haters so there's somethin left to hate// I hit em hard wit da punchlines// wen it's crunch time, then sumtimes I do it big wit them pun lines// grab them bottles and pop da top// albums done now it's time to cop da watch// I wanna thank all of y'all for da purchase// I kno they reverse this afta they herd it// we da rookies of the year//we already did something dat for otha nigga's took a whole career// niggaz b fallin off so u thinkin this is my best one// I don't fall off so make sure u cop da next one/ haha
(Verse 3) (Nerdy C)
I apologize. but this the final track//but DJ still spin that vinyl back//money on my mind, so no time to slack//rap trained and my rhymes on track//my skills you envious, the kind you lack//your pockets' empty, and mines is fat//I'm real talk you niggas tryna rap//lyric and music, gimme the spirit to move it//I don't fear it or lose it, I just hear and abuse it//I mean the beat and acoustic//you can't see me, I'm on some ghoul shit//lyric is my weapon, oh dam my fault the tool slipped//niggas step up but they shook with fear//not on Jay's level but he looks real near//thanks to nobody who took me here//hello rap game, meet the rookie of the year/
(DJ Saint) [Gread]
(Yea yea it's a wrap Rookies Of The Year) [Yea] (Mixtape's all done, umm shoutouts to everybody who bought one thank you) [Yea] (Umm shoutouts to the clique al ways held it down always supported us, made sure evrything was going good) [Waddup] (Fresh2Death Click my nigga Fab, Dirt, Dewey) [All of y'all] (Batboy, Tupo, Norris,Jose, Julio, my nigga Dan) [What's goody] (Da Kid, Da Kid for always showing us love you know always came through) [Waddup cuz] (Did a couple tracks yo.Umm my nigga Gread's girl Paulina you know) [Waddup baby] (She featured on a couple tracks too.umm) [Jha Jha for doing the interview you know, Isaac doing the chorus, waddup Zuzu. Thanks for the support thanks for the copies.Lansky waddup] (The little kids we used you know little 13 year olds that we used umm) [Saints go marchin in, waddup Nerdy] (Niggas from the Heavy Arms & Touch Entertainment. You know my nigga Em'cee Reck, DJ Maxx Major, thanks for all the support the confidence that I needed. Yea it's your boy DJ Saint you know every kind of party you name it I'm there you know. Graduation parties, hick music, baby showers, clubs. I'm spinning the hottest hip hop, R&B, regaetton, you know I got that bachata, merengue, cumbia, salsa, you know I'm telling you.Hit me up you know (401)497-4613 or get at my myspace at www.myspace.com/djsaintdv aiight?) [All local rappers Gread is available just hit me up. www.myspace.com/greaddv] (Aiight definitely more mixtapes on the way you know my exclusive blends coming out, Nerdy C doing his thing, Gread with the next mixtape and album you know, and new artists that we're gonna be featuring.Aiight so you know It's DieVerse you cry first, you know we laughin later when we stackin paper haha) [It's DieVerse]