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This is where you can get all the latest news on anything going on with DieVerse including album releases, pushbacks, and new artist signings.

Updated 04/11/08: Surprise Surprise
In today's edition of Freestyle Friday Gread announces the alliance of DieVerse and Heavy Armz, but also gives us a hint of something to come. At the end of his freestyle he says "We makin big moves, y'all niggaz gonna see what I'm talkin bout. Just remember May, it's coming real soon." He goes on to add "I aint gon ruin the surprise, just watch out for May." We tried to get some comments on what the surprise could be and all he said was "Only thing i can tell you is that it's not another Stompfest." He says he's gonna tell us when the time is right. So just stay posted to see what the surprise is.

Updated 04/05/08: Deadly Alliance
After DJ Saint was added to the Heavy Armz ENT roster, Gread and Heavy Armz own Em'Cee Reck had a discussion. The aftermath of the discussion is an alliance of DieVerse Records and Heavy Armz ENT, being the biggest move DieVerse has done so far. Both sides seem extremely content with the move. "We not gonna let anyone else get shine anymore, we gonna keep coming wit hits." Gread says "It's a wrap."

Updated 03/18/08: Gread Is Healthy
Gread is finally healthy and says he's ready to come back with a bang. "Get ready for a whole lotta punchlines" Gread says about the upcoming Freestyle Friday. "DieVerse is coming back up on it's feet."

Updated 03/14/08: Another Missed Freestyle Friday
Gread is still no healthy enough to freestyle this week as he is still coughing almost everytime he speaks. He was too mad for comments this time, but we are pretty sure he'll come strong when he does become healthy enough.

Updated 03/07/08: First Missed Freestyle Friday
No Freestyle Friday today after Gread was diagnosed with bronchitis on wednesday. "I'm so heated" Gread says while coughing "I was tryna do every friday, now it looks like I'm slackin." Hopefully Gread can be healthy enough for next week's Freestyle Friday.

Updated 03/05/08: Gread Comes Down With Bronchitis
Gread has just been diagnosed with bronchitis. With Freestyle Friday coming up Gread doesn't seem to happy. We'll see how he feels on Friday.

Updated 02/27/08: DJ Saint Makes A Move
DJ Saint has now been added to the roster of Heavy Armz ENT. He has a good relationship with Heavy Armz and actually learned a lot that he knows thanks to their DJ, Maxx Major, who DJ's at Ultra on Saturday nights. "DieVerse is still gonna be my number one priority, but I also wanna push my boys at Heavy Armz" DieVerse is cool with the move and have no problems with it. "We always been cool wit Heavy Armz, if you want proof listen to 'Your Faking's Ova'. It's a good move for Saint and probably even a good move for us" states Gread. We'll see how all of this plays out and we'll keep you posted.

Updated 01/29/08: Time For Changes
Gread has made it clear that he wants to put a new song on his Myspace page, but he is unclear which song to take off. So he created a poll which asks you, the fans, which song you think he should take off for a new one. The new song will be added on Friday along with the new Freestyle Friday. Make sure you vote for which song he should take off, and if you haven't listened to his tracks yet, then go ahead and listen! http://myspace.com/greaddv

Updated 01/25/08: Fourth Edition Of Freestyle Friday
After a slow week for DieVerse, it is once again Friday, which means Gread has his new freestyle up. Gread was upset by the numbers last week and felt he didn't give it his all. "Out of all the freestyle's so far,the third had the least plays almost by a landslide. So this time I'm not pullin' no punches, I'm throwin and landing every single one of them." This week Gread freestyles over "Come Get Me," a Timbaland song featuring 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. Go check out the new freestyle and don't forget to leave comments. 

Updated 01/16/08: No More Blendzdays?
DJ Saint has notified us that he is postponing his signature "Blendzdays Wednesdays" for a while. He says he's trying to really focus on school, and also stated that his recorder messed up. DJ Saint A.K.A. "Mr Oh So Legit" stressed the fact that he likes to "stay legit" and refuses to make a blend off the computer. "I make my blends the way you're supposed to, with two vinyl records. Anybody can take an acapella and an instrumental and put 'em together with a program, but it takes real skill to actually make a blend on the turntables.That's the legit way of doing it." Saint says it's mostly because he can't record it, not just becuase of school.