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Change Freestyle Lyrics

Gread, Nerdy C, DJ Saint & Da Kid

(Gread) Uh. Chea Die-Verse Re-cords nigga. Uh,this city's mines nigga.Uh huh yo check it
(Verse 1)
I'll have em' burning like Sean Paul, wit holes and a hurt jaw//say Gread's name and I'm comin at all y'all//that's a learning you should be concerning while the world's turning//there's people yearning for a sporting to put on a hurting//there's white people that'll open cans of whoop ass//and black people that just wanna catch a jooks fast//spanish people that'll do anything for paper//and asian people that'll come through and shank ya//I'll do whatever it takes, that's gangsta//I'll hit em hard and fast, like a changeup//and when you can't move I'll come by and take your//shit, be all over your paper like eraser//I got the type of guns to pull your shit back//the shells go Under Armour when you hear "click clack"//nigga, you betta hope there's nothing bad between us//I'll catch a body and they spin like a ballerina/ uh
(Nerdy C)
 Yea check it, it's Nerdy C. The muthafuckin flipper. Uh
(Verse 2)
When I let loose the vocab and spill//I drop bombs BOOM! like I'm in Iraq to kill//I'm dressed to kill, homie don't stress the skill//yea i run the streets, without gats and pills//we gon' perform drastic drills so we can start stackin' mills//y'all be lackin' bills, run around wit plastic grills//so what you lippin for,spittin for, bitchin for//claim you clippin 4,dippin fast, snitchin low//I got a slicker blow, sicker flow, richer dough//now that my figures roll and all these haters know//yea I hustle rockless and still be in the streets//I'll battle you sockless and still won't see the feet(defeat)/
(DJ Saint)
Uh huh,it's your boy D-J S-A-I-N-T.Uh huh, we gon do it like this.Check it ayo ayo
(Verse 3)
Geek squad intelligent, and not to mention eloquent//fluent wit the words thinkin how to get that money spent//common sense, pay day you know where we went//all about the paper haha, you know what I meant//all legit, I'm living day by day//brushin off the drama or whatever jumps in my way//we stay cool, keep the cool drivin around in a coupe//I'ma big dude, always gotta have my food//I call the ladies ice cream, I'm always gettin scoops//my niggas is always aiming it at you snoops//you niggas is lame, you're lions I'll tame//I'll call your clique circus freaks man go back where you came//stashing money throwing cash like it's the end of time//make room in Hollywood cuz it's our time to shine//nigga, fuck the haters,they gettin paid later//we getting money now, we refuse to tell you how//you're abnormally not normal, a cornball, that's all of y'all//got my head on right, yea I'm standing so tall/
Ayo Kid, show 'em what you got
(Verse 4) (Da Kid)
When I come to the booth I stay strapped with the duece duece// cuz I'll spit like I'm letting off round in the booth//niggas already know I'm the hottest shit around//you mess with me I'll take everything even your crown//I'm sittin in a chair you already know where I'm at//I'm higher than a volleyball referee, that's where I'm at//nigga, you can't fuck wit me cuz I will load the gat//let it clap and you gon' run like you doing acrobats//hittin cartwheels and shit, backflips//frontflips, whatever nigga, I'll shoot off your whole shit//I roll around in the Bentley and the Rover//and you already know I'll cock that rover//that's another name for the ruger//I'ma shooter, I will take off your medula/