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Pussy Poppin Lyrics

DJ Saint, Gread & Nerdy C

(DJ Saint)
Yea this one right here, this one's called poppin. Dedicated to all the ladies, you know who we shared a good time wit.And good time you know, if you know what I mean.Haha, yea. Let's get to it yo. I'ma tell youz a lil story.Check it.
(Verse 1) (DJ Saint)
Started early night ended late in the mornin//caressin every part,had you geekin and moanin//we boning and boning we going and going//takin off your clothes got you throwin em and throwin em//want more of it and more of it your tired but your sure of it//the way your vocal cords shook,I have neva heard of it//started makin moves in the backseat of the coupe//made it to the front door now she frontin on the stoop//round after round, hour after hour//time to get cool,made way to the shower//now she all wet, I gave her the saints blessin//feelin so good won't forget the way we sexin//through my jeans on,tied up my J's//looked her in the eyes she won't forget this day//took a look back as I'm walkin out the door//she says "come back tomorrow" bcuz she wants some more/
(Verse 2) (Gread)
I pull up to da chic,now she's lickin her lips, and I kno wut she wants in her mouth// she wanna take a lick, of da gready man's dick, so she takin me to her house// now we gettin inside and, she show me her private, she liftin up her blouse//take a look no pubes,she took her
shoes, off and jus laid on the couch// now she open up wide, so I can slide, she neva felt anythin this hard// wen I hit it from da back, she b walkin wit the gap, like she went to da mall wit a gift card//it aint my fault// after my assualt//I have em wet like used towel//I hit it so constant//forgot her consanants//now she only use vowels (aaaa, oooo, iiii,uuuu)
(Chorus) (Nerdy C)
 shorty shorty, lemme in between, u and them jeans,u kno wut I mean, and she agrees dat I be,dat I be pussy poppin,pussy poppin,whoa whoa yea (x2)
(Verse 3) (Nerdy C)
She gotta understand dat I'm da right man//you know the plan I'm your one night stand//got her feelin pipe,at every strike and//goin all night,got shorty like dam//she follow my moves she know what I'm all about//so cool I keep the birds goin down south//I'll b sure to please,that's without a doubt//she expect the rain, but I make it drought//you'd neva expect you bitch to feel the chink//but wit my lines and hooks I can reel her in//she's like I'm feelin him,cuz he's realer than//all these squealer man,who don't appeal to them//cuz I'm on my clock, she's on my cock//I'm hard like rock,she get on top//don't wanna stop,meet me at the spot//she goin down like Joc,yea her pussy gets popped/

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