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When DJ Saint Makes Records Spin Lyrics

Gread & Nerdy C

(Sample) Oh when the saints go marchin in, oh when the saints go marching in,oh lord I want to be in that number. (Slows down) When the saint go marchin
(Chorus) (Kids)
When DJ Saint,makes records spin, when DJ Saint makes records spin. He keeps the parties jumpin. When DJ Saint makes records spin
Ayo Saint spin dat shit, let the records play//they keep spinnin like rims on an escalade// nigga's got sumthin new to stress today// we here now, they thinkin now "how am I gettin paid?"// I'm think how much my rubber band stretch today// and say "I get twice as much as yesterday"// cuz wit a DJ like this I get extra play// on the radio, and chiks havin sex wit me//it's da genereal, so yea I got Saint marchin in// but I'm marchin there wit em, so we confident// sayin dat we gonna blow is jus common sense// even leaders say "dieverse, lets follow them"// can't lose wit this team, there's no hurtin Gread// can't touch Saint, Kid, or Nerdy C// we jus sit there and chill out of courtesy// then we murk y'all, yes we da dirtiest team//fuck bitches get money cuz chiks are so burnt// they play too much games like kids dat don't do their homework//it's all goody when saint goes to orlando//jus make sure u light it on fire like a candle// and watch that melt in da palm of ur hand// the bad cards we were dealt was a part of the plan// I won't tell why u aint messin wit Saint//cuz if u listen to da mixtape it's already explained/
When DJ Saint,makes records spin, when DJ Saint makes records spin. He keeps he keeps your speakers bumpin. When DJ Saint makes records spin
(Verse 2) (Nerdy C)
Go,Go yea that's my DJ//c'mon Saint scratch that back like a replay//go,go yea that's my DJ//they need to fall back cuz they can't see me//I spit fire while my DJ let the beat play//end your career boy but I don't let the heat spray//flames out my candle got cake like it's my B-day//I'll send a shot through your heart like V-day//I get your girl to please me so easy//you know it's all in the game like EA//I F your baby you can call me lil weezy//take ova the country from VA to CA//it's DieVerse,F2D we a power click//you should know that the rap game is our niche//don't fuck wit rats just eat em up like an owl bitch//take you out the game like six foul hits/