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Nerdy C Bitches Lyrics

Nerdy C Ft. DJ Saint

I stack bills// my swag kills// like a
dag drill// make ya girl gag, spill den I git my mag filled// Fuck a bitch later// I aint dealin wit da haters//time is money and right now I'm all
about my paper// m.o.b yea dat's da slogan man// money over bitches dymes are
pocket change//I'm street smart//i could kick it like reebok//got more wood than a tree bark//and my swag fulI of teeth marks//I don't play a role,all u haters need parts// yall like games I got youz froze up now u
need to restart// Gonna cop foreign drops cuz da guap never stops// Your flock flops drops helpin cops confiscate rocks// come at me wrong dogg
and da coffin'll lock// I must admit u spittin sick but u jus coughin a lot//I'm rick rossin the block so I'm flossin alot// u say its ur time but your only sportin a watch// I'm makin tall stacks your camp need to fallback// recall dat I'm gittin money and dat's raw facts// your girl blows me
hard like autumn breeze// and if paper grew on trees I'd stay rakin leaves//Nerd-Y-C here doing it B-I-G// jus like Big L P-U-N and P-A-C// we sum business majors, so stackin mills is a must// Yall can be some teachers and still not stack more paper then us// in this to make a
profit// all da haters cant stop it// niggas need to hop off it// cuz they shit da softest//My watch the frostest// and their watch defrosted//u kno I spit sick no matter what da cost is// u only spit sick in a doctors office// I already told you who the muthafuckin boss is//

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