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Interview (Skit) Lyrics

DJ Saint Feat. Elizabeth Johnson

EJ: Hey peoples this is Elizabeth Johnson here reporting live from WKYJelly. I'm here with DJ Saint of DieVerse Records. If you don't mind I'd like to ask you some questions.The people wanna know what DieVerse is all about.
Saint:Well the name actually came from Nerdy.You know we was all chillin one day and he randomly says "DieVerse" so we look at him like "aiight so what about DieVerse?" And he starts explaining and I cut in cuz I ended up understanding.You know for example we all spit, but we spit in different ways,cuz we all got our different styles.You know me and Nerdy we both DJ but when we on the tables we got our own techniques.So yea we might all do the same but we do it in our own way, you know variety k'nall mean.Gread added in the fact that it was a clean idea to use that for the name so we used it for da label.You know in our click you know you see spanish dudes and white chicks,then you see black dudes and asain chicks.You know and vice versa you know we keep it diverse.Basically our label consists of all different styles. And not to be cocky either but we also refer to it as "our verses that be killin" you know Die Verse.
EJ:Oh wow that's pretty interesting.I like the whole concept.And it seems as though everyone else does too.So tell me where do your names come from?DJ Saint,Nerdy C,Gread,Da kid.Can you explain those?
Saint:Well before,I went by DJ Frownz and then I realized life aint that bad that I gotta incorporate it into own my name you know.Eva since I was little I've always been the one to follow the rules, but don't get me wrong I was neva a bitch.And even throughout high school when my dudes got drunk I'd be the designated driver, when my girls were cryin I'd make sure they were smilin after k'nall mean.I always stayed legit that was my motto.Nerdy's an intelligent dude,always kept his head in the books. But he also refers to being a "nerd" cuz you know quote unquote "he's all about his paper" haha.That's my nigga though. And Gread? You ask this dude to borrow a dollar for a soda he'll look at you like you were missing an eyeball or sumthin you know.But nah nah but for real for real this a greedy dude yo. With food, money, but most of all be careful cuz most of these dudes tryna rap nowadays yo he's gonna end up snatchin the game from you k'nall mean.And Da Kid? It's self-explanitory you know he's the youngest one, but don't eva sleep on Da Kid cuz he's the sick,sickest one at freestyles.
EJ: Whoa I like the way the name's came from your own personalities,the swag you guys have is so....diverse(giggles).Well I'm sure we'll be hearin more from you guys soon.The people can't wait, so let them know the details.
Saint:Yea you know well, it's your boy DJ Saint, you know my nigga Gread, nigga Nerdy C that Kid.It's DieVerse,you cry first, you know we laughin later when we stackin paper so dig it. Aiight that's the quote.Shoutouts to everyone holdin it down supporting us rootin for us you know we gon make it. Not for us but for everybody else too.It's all for you.It's D-I-E-Verse aiight DieVerse remember that.
EJ:This is Elizabeth Johnson WKYJelly reporting back to you Becky. Oh Wait! I think I'm gettin something. This just in!

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