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Click Pull Lyrics


I be chillin in manton,yea kid the projects\\wit something on my hip,rubber grip for nonsense\\so if a nigga trip he better slip and dodge shit\cuz it'll spit sumthin that'll rip his socket\\if u git dumb I'll flip something not a sidekick\\got that too,but that's u on that mr. Miag shit\\ cash rules I flash jews and look at their eyes switch\\laugh rude at that dude then cruise up in my whip\\envy to eddie aint nothin new to me\\ gread's machetes,yea I shank brutally\\he is deadly specially wen I'm clappin\\plenty of benjis and yea it's from rappin\\and nigga's get envious\\cuz I'm here spendin this\\just to look fresh to death,and the cleaniness\\nah but don't get pissed at this\\u should know nigga I don't hesitate,I jis\
(Chorus) click pull click pull click pull click pull (pow)\\ nah homie I don't play that shit, anytime someone tries to come around wit that bull\\ I jus click pull click pull click pull click pull (pow)\\ homie that thing'll spit,aint taco bell but the shells'll make u full\\ I just click, then pull, you hear (Pow) haha chea
(Verse 2)
I be chillin in southside yea the realest side// both coasts I hold toasts I'm the realest guy// put the trigger to this nigga i'ma kill this guy// cuz I'm pumpin sumthin you can feel inside// but don't get me wrong, I'm not that bad// after this song, i'ma cop that jag// the bitch wit the thong, ask her to tag// along, pull out the shlong, and she'll be glad// but back to the other dudes// the ones the gun'll bruise// I pull up and like a rookie, all they'll do is stutter moves// but I kno how to pull up for the shot// they always go in a basket wen I pull up on the block// don't do excersise, but pull up on the glock// no push-ups but I can pull 100 shots// and that's only wit the semi// you're askin who can I? I'll show you wen I//

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