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Extacy Lyrics

Gread, DJ Saint & Nerdy C

Yea ma, i'ma give you something white, put it on your toungue and swallow it, it gon make u feel good, what? Hell no it aint extacy!
I'm that nigga havin girls goin (uuhh) anytime that they sexin me//from the size of the boat plus the motion of the ocean, hal no it aint extacy// and that's something that the girls be knowin,that's why they wanna be next to me//I'm a phenomenon that jus keeps on growin// heh I don't need extacy//
whether spanish,asian,black or a white girl// that boy eddie doesn't need a white pill// cuz he's type trill, put em through nice thrills// when the pipe drills, bitches bite nails// no tickles on the ass, no sprinkles in the glass// just car keys,bitches hear the jingle and they dash//take em to the drop//they get naked on the spot//after the night is done they'll be achin in the crotch//they don't understand,it's just a one night stand// you not my wife dam, I'm not the one of your life mam//I get em fucked up,like they were drugged up//i'ma real man I don't need that dumb stuff//now I got all the boys mad,saying dammit gread//why you fulfillin all my girls fantasies//I can sex you b, the way it's meant to be//I can "take you to extacy without taking extacy"(haha)/
(DJ Saint)
Yea it's your boy DJ Saint I'll make your girl go (uuhh) yea I'll grab her by the waist and I'll make her say my name// this aint a game but she's my babe and she loves it when we (uuhh) yea haha!// She don't need no drug, she feels good when she's wit me// I am what gets her high not to mention all steamy// unbuckle her jeans, unbutton the blouse// kisses on the neck now she living in my house// she a freak in the sheets, stay proper in the streets// gettin wet up in the shower or the back seat making heat// changing positions, like we playing on a field// and when we going too fast we don't stop, we just yield// I kno i'm doing my job when she sounds like (uuhh), and dat's the way it go til the break of dawn// she told me she neva felt like this before// and when Saint is done she just keep askin for more/
(Nerdy C)
Yea she yellin all night cuz how hard it strikes (uuhh)// scratch my back, head's in the pillow so baby bite// tell ,e how it feel girl cuz your pussy tight (uuhh)// no need for extacy to have you feelin right// she said your shit soft, so homeboy get lost// she like how my wrist floss, my dick covered in lip gloss// got her to spit cough suck and blow// she thought chinks were small, got a surprise for that hoe// see your girl get wit me and she aint even tipsy// she went down and licked me, then I tossed her like a frisbee// not a thug don't need no drug to attract a bitch// call her nascar chick cuz how she rides a stick// yea my ride be sick, I don't lie or snitch// since I'm live and rich, she lets me slide in quick// all up inside the bitch, nut on her eyes and tits// it's DieVerse I'm wit Saint and the Silent Pimp/

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