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Who I Be Lyrics

Gread Feat. DJ Saint

DJ Saint: DJ Saint, DieVerse Records, We Gon' Do It Like This, Let's Go
lemme introduce myself for the people who don't know me// and dat's all of y'all lemme tell u who's dat homie// Gread dat's who I be, think your better come and show me// back down like a bitch? then you might as well come blow me// I'm here wit Saint formally DJ Frownz// puttin love on this track wit puerto rican style// got a lot of haters, they all teenage clowns// I'm dealin wit a lot of he say she say now// but I'm da wrong nigga to fuck wit// I got a tough fist// dat's sum shit u can get stuck wit// I'll run up on a nigga jus to get it done quik// that's what you get for trying to get on some dumb shit// wanna let it pop off? I'll pull out my gun quick// and when the gun click watch how nigga's run quick// you wanna beef now? Now aint the time//it aint fine// unless you wanna see ur own enzymes// so here's some advice, just stay away from me// cuz I could pull a quick move quite hastily// if it's not a nice thing don't say it to me// cuz the number 187 sounds ok to me// get the album when it comes out, becuz it's legit// I'm gready is the title go and get the shit// b4 I wrap a nigga in plastic like christmas gifts// c'mon DJ Saint come and switch the shit/ my nigga (Beat Changes)
-when my album comes out it's gonna be a problem// that's when they realize that they can't stop em'// when I'm gready hits the charts at the #1 column// that's when start to hate and they try to rob em'// but niggas can't steal from him// even tho he's slim// dat's bcuz he got the steel wit him// I'm da best one out I appeal to win// blend in wit da hood like chameleon// so tell them dummys we got this// hidin guns in the projects// it don't matter, becuz we gon get money regardless// I'm the muthafuckin #1 artist// cuz I get brain from my bitches and my honey's da smartest// I spit the realest shit wen I'm in the booth// like chino's aka man I spit da truth// I'm the real deal man, this aint no spoof// I'm more intelligent than anybody's wisdom tooth// and to top it off, I'm da silent pimp// don't get confused cuz I don't walk wit a stride or limp// I'm loved by spanish people like heineken// not even ms cleo thought I would shine and bling// they all noddin their head like "this is the joint"// yea the beat is nice, but you kno spittin's on point// eddie santiago's listening sayin "that's my boy"// I kno u raised me good but I gotta pack my toy// cuz niggaz keep hatin jus bcuz I'm higher// than them, like beat up forces on a telephone wire// when I blast it's guaranteed they gonna die// so I go and dump their body at the waterfire// my album gon drop like shots from kobe// won't change cuz I rap, I'm da same ol me// shoutouts to everyone who is known by gread// aint mike jones but wanna let u kno who I b/
DJ Saint:
Yea that was your boy Gread, we represent DieVerse Records, 2007. It's A New Year. Uh Huh. It's your boy DJ Saint, givin you a lil sample. Aiight? That was the introduction for you niggas. Stay tuned cuz, there's waaay more to hear. Uh huh

Gread(fading echoes): DieVerse DieVerse DieVerse