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Trend Setter Lyrics

Gread,DJ Saint & Nerdy C Feat. Isaac

y'all niggas kno, I come thru da spot g'd up from da feet up, Saint Kid and C come thru wit clothes dat pull da hoes, there's always ppl dat see it, wanna be it. That's y I call earth a fun house, everywhere I go I keep seein myself, keep seein Nerdy Saint and Kid, dat's cuz we(Chorus) (Isaac)
buy all day, stay fly all night//this is da life of a,da life of a, trend setter, trend setter, trend setter// a few of them hate, the rest all bite//this is da life of a ,da life of a, trend setter, trend setter, trend setter/
(Verse 1) (Gread)
gotta breeze thru da stores,wit a g or more//wit a garbage bag, fitteds tees jeans galore// jerseys of course, and da sneakers raw// cuz niggaz wearin shit I wore the week before// wanna look like me jus to get sum new friends// so to turn it  a notch I jus set a new trend// I get da kiks and da fits dat match da lakers// a while later I jus laugh at fakers// still got enuff time to blast da haters//  talk shit behind my back but dap me later//wen I talk about my style I'm not talkin bout a fad//cuz dat means dat it's sumthin that they already had//dat's sad, Gread be settin trends// and keep comin out wit new ones so it neva ends//they all wanna be me child//lookin at me is like dblock on broad st, ur gonna C-Styles/
(Verse 2) (DJ Saint)
Yea ....U kno we ballin' all day stay on the grind all night//
settin trends is a must but just a hobby on the side//groupies everywhere makin wishes in the sky//cuz they wanna be wit stars that stay oh so fly//she the one tellin me she wanna b my girl//she handin my her number, she wanna rock my world//I'm a gangsta and a gentle man, they sweatin cuz I'm wearin it//got u blastin DieVerse cuz you love the sound of it//they diggin the persona,they beggin me to hold her//keep up wit da saint, jus wait, I'm bout to blow up//trend setters trend set we come up wit a lifestyle//switch it up for the next week, won't see it for a while//my chain is like vinyl, spin it forward I bring it back//what we doin aint a joke,I'll giv u sumthin to laugh at//jus watch how we do this,you might learn sumthin//it's crazy what we do,cuz we doin it like nothin/

(Verse 3) (Nerdy C)
dimes breakin necks,homie what you expectin//paparazzi takin flicks,Nerdy C must've stepped in//nigz pay more attention to the shit that he's dressed in//they take a lesson so tomorrow,they can reflect and//talk shit,real niggas pull out guns but not flexin//take a bullet for my brothaz man that aint a question//I live by my click,F2D what I'm reppin//fuck wit them I won't be crumpin but I'll let off aggression//my outfits each day always keeps the streets guessin//not to mention that my rhyme scheme's a blessin//rap game's like peer pressure, but I aint stressin//I'll take nigz out the game, jus like suspension/
Yea that's right man, that's how it be. Anytime I see y'all niggaz wearin shit like us, we should charge you for that shit. Trend Setters