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What Happened To That Boy Freestyle Lyrics

DJ Saint, Nerdy C & Gread

(DJ Saint)
Yea, uh huh.It's your boy DJ Saint,out here wit a couple of the nerds dat nigga Gread dat nigga Nerdy C,you know we representin DieVerse Records.
[Nerdy C] Yea man It's DieVerse you cry first,we laughin later when we stackin paper.(You dig?) [Yea dig it] (Uh huh yea.We gon start it off yo) [General get em', general get em', get em']
(Verse 1) (Gread)
Diamonds gleam, I'm ridin mean//so much presidents u'd think I had a time machine//love my rhymin scheme, it's kinda clean//I get bitches from it that's y all da dimes are pleased//yo, the whores adore my vocal cords//so I'm on top of the game like a scoring board//got dat swag that hooks you fags is shook//I run this city you'd think i had athlete's foot//nah to fresh2death you pet to death//runnning scared and now you gotta catch your breath//you dudes is fucked,the tool was tucked//now you a fag in plastic call you fruit roll up//yo,save your face escape this place//I'll serve you so bad that you'll have to say your grace//man, the hoes don't care as long as they hear//Gread,so I'm always on the air like the O-Zone layer// feel it
(Yea yea you know aiight I know they were feelin that one, now my nigga Nerdy,they gon have something else to be feelin
(Verse 2) (Nerdy C)
yea,yea,yea,yea it's your boy Nerdy C I'm like an RB for TB//cuz I'm runnin for the Bucs so you niggas be easy//got you thinkin I'm out the country cuz you numbers don't reach me//you can't see me boy,I'ma a giant like Tiki//for 4 seasons,I stay makin mean stacks//I'm the reason why they say asians be eatin cats//fuck what you heard man you can only b a hater//call me the nerd,cuz I'm all about my paper//it's DieVerse Records I'm wit Saint,Kid, and Gread//gettin paper like we got kids to feed//no cigs or weed,we just get big and proceed//to gets some figs and breath,exceed niggas succeed/
(Verse 3) (DJ Saint)
yo ayo ayo ayo check it yo ayo yo DJ Saint'll make you faint, untouchable like wet paint//fuck you haters that think you it,when you really really aint//cuz my conceitedness comes from all you people who love to hate//cuz for some reason your on my mind,I'm gettin gettin paid//I'm gettin gettin paid and I'm gettin gettin laid//yea I keep on keep on movin but your feet that's where they stay//and I continue to shine,wit every breath that I take//and every word that I say, just listen if you may//cuz if you hate to love me, then get outta my way//not watered down like the bay,but it's fire like the flame//aint the same since I came,takin a peace of this game//make your girl hunch her back,you can call me Notre Dame//you're lame and it's a shame that this game is what you claim//cuz at the end of this song, everyone gon know my name/
Haha Yea I told you yo 2007 man it's gonna be our year yo. DieVerse,that's D-I-E-V-E-R-S-E aiight? Don't ever forget that.Yo ayo fuck the haters aiight?Matter of fact,keep hatin cuz you keep givin us something to right about yo.So therefore we just making more money off of you yo aiight?So just keep doing your thing,we'll keep doing ours aiight?DieVerse yo never forget it.