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Police Harassment Lyrics

Gread & Nerdy C Feat. DJ Saint

[Siren Sounds] (Gread)
What The? Fuck! I Can't afford this shit man. Dam! Bout to catch anotha DWS. Driving while spanish
Police harassment\\no need for dat shit\\minorities,we da ones they askin\\ jus chillin or walkin down da street &\\get stopped 4 questionin,later on it's da beatin\\they mad tight they might flip\\wit flashlights and nightsticks\\dat's right,da fight's fixed\\the bad shit
they like it\\wut it's called is police brutality\\he's just bored tho it looks like he's mad at me\\in da hood it's called racial profilin\\it's not fair dat's y da minor races be wylin\\and of course popo they stay denyin\\they stay wit lyin\\dirty cops stay wit hidin\\dat's we always yellin out fuck da police\\yea we stuck wit police\\but we'll buck the police\\they do n e thin they can to exploit a few\\that's why they runnin from the boys in blue\\
(Chorus) (DJ Saint)
Sexin a chic,da only time I sit in the back//only time I'm behind bars is when I'm rippin the track//so when I'm ridin clean and I see da lights blinkin//police harassment is the only thing I'm thinkin/ (x2)
(Nerdy C)
The red,white,and blue flash's not amercian pride//it's from the flash from the ride that's pullin us aside//order us to arise,hands to the sky//the driver's eyes chinky so he's pulled to the side//they took a stash from the dash that he kept as a savings//they assume he gets paid satifying drug cravings//couple seconds later he's dragged down to the pavement//they question the picture and name engravements//tatoos that read R.I.P. I miss you man//the cops are assuming it's related to a gang//they beat em down,til he sees no light//but we still get beat up when we put up a fight//so we just drive past cops who harass the block//thinkin we pass rocks or we blast shots//they makin fast stops,just to ask alot//but they are shocked to discover that we harass the cops/