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Twinfire Lyrics

Gread & Da Kid

(Verse 1 ) Gread
Even though I'm quiet nigga got a lot to say// see me in the streets, nigga's best get out the way// cuz it's not ok// if I come and cock the K// stop and pray// that the bullet that I send is not a stray// you know I won't hesitate to let the chopper spray// anytime that I'm bored, shit it's how I play// I know some people out there that think they stoppin me// if they pull sumthin, I pull trigger, they just drop and lay// I'll come through and leave you wit a dot and hey!// I jus left you leaning right on top of ur balcony// I'm so slick, I just walk by the cops and wave// they'll look at me, like I just went and shot the J// it's not a jumper I shot, I think I shot a bone// I'll go home, and have your go give me top or dome// anytime I want some help man I got the phone// just like now, nah nigga, I'm not alone/
{Gread and Da Kid Switch Bars} {Gread in ()}
(It's your turn let them know who you be nigga)
Lemme introduce myself, I'm Da K.I.D. Nigga//
(I got shit to keep me,Da Kid, and Widdle safe)
Fuck a garbage bag, put you in a pillowcase//
(Gotta watch what you stash in your Chevs & MayB's)
These cops is giving life like pregnant ladies//
(I aint no gentleman, I dont say gunpowder please)
Nigga we droppin shells like sunflower seeds//
(We out da PJ's, no more living wit mice and bugs)
I'm not poor, I lay money stacks down like rugs//
(I can shoot from long range no doubt ur goin in a basket)
I don't play, I'll leave u in a fuckin casket//
(Fuck wit us dog, we'll leave u all lumpy)
I'm new 2 this game so I'm hungry//
(O u hungry nigga? I'ma let u spit sum shit// jus make sure that u go and rip this shit)
(Verse 2) Da Kid 
I will put you where Easy-E's at// when I grab the AK, Gread loads the gat// me and Gread will send you to the pearly gates// itz written wen u expire but I made it an early date// I seen you snitchin to da cops// ur stupid ass betta stop// or da gun'll spit dots// nah they aint sweet like gumdrops// the bullets sound like snap, crackle, POP// aiming at the next muthafucka who's mouth flops// Gread will open up your forehead like a surgeon// when those bullets fly out the black suburban// I rep my hood, my team, and my flags// you gay you rep straight  queers and fags// my shooters pop niggas like pimples// the uzi bullets will help stomach pain like pepto bismo// message that we sendin, is don't get cocky// you won't have a funeral if yo face is all sloppy/ POW