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This Is Manton Ave. Lyrics

Gread & Nerdy C

(Bridge){Echoes after every line}

This is Manton Ave.//we're gettin that cash//where the bandits stash// come thru and get jacked//yea this is our block// where we dissin them cops// nigga's makin them drops//so they can get their guap//

(Chris) I'm in my state of mind yea i'm destined to shine// never threw up gang signs and I never swang nines// bang dimes and break spines// my brain rhymes insane lines// i'll remain prime til streets don't contain crime// I hear you lames lyin// and i see the game dyin// now we out here fightin// to take it it's game time// on that let's get paid time// it's that make it rain time//out to make fame mine// lines smoother than fade lines// and I'm Fresh dressed like a million stack// the haters grillin the fact// girls feelin my swag// now i'm scribblin  math// same night drillin their ass// I keep her drivin like gas// they love the hours I last// Yeah it's time for glory// all the girls they adore me//cuz I make 'em so horny// yeah I know that they want me //from the way that they moan// they love the fact that I'm grown// I made it up on my own// not fake like most of these clones (Manton) 

(Chorus)  This is manton ave., u can like it or love it// we're gettin that cash, we gon rise above it// where the bandits stash, yea they keepin it covered//come through and get jacked, cuz it's you that we're jumping//yea this is our block, where we reign supreme//we dissin them cops, when the sirens sream// niggaz makin them drops, just to get the green// so they can get their guap/

(Gread) I been around long enough to know what's not authentic//cuz the real ones'll get up and pop who did it//the fake ones are the copies, monotonous image//they wanna be what they can't be, they sweeter than candy// MHB, yea that's what the gang be// we make pussy niggaz straight run to their nannies// this is where a nigga will fight for his own name// bright wit a gold chain// sellin white and that cocaine// if they reciting the wrong thang// we'll have a nigga named will straight up writing his own name// at the hess express, we'll put techs to chests// man we'll deck the best// so u best respect// and we neglect, them fuckin biker boys// they harass just because they don't like our poise// man fuck that, tell me where the rubbers at// and we in the hood, but we aint fuckin wit da rats/ (The bitches or the snitches)